Trevor Isburg, B.S., ACSM
Certified Personal Trainer

6979 S. Holly Cir, Suite B-1
Centennial, CO 80112

Personal Training

Trevor is a professional certified personal trainer who likes to help people with a wide variety of needs; including weight loss, sport specific athletic skills, strength training, and general health and conditioning. He is young and excited to start working with all types of individuals looking to achieve any health and fitness goals.

Personal Training, Exercising, and your GOALS

Weight Loss:

Trevor is excited to work with people who need help with weight loss / fat loss. He will develop a weight loss program that fits your fitness level. He will implement a program combining both cardiovascular training and strength training to increase your metabolism, and lean muscle mass. He will also develop a nutrition guideline that you can follow along with supplement that you can use.

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Strength Training:

Your training sessions with Trevor will include many different types of training. He will incorporate balance, power, endurance, and posture in every workout. He will make sure that his training sessions match your fitness level; while increasing your training level as you become more fit. He will also give you nutrition guidelines and supplement ideas to try.

General Health:

General health is very important to Trevor. He thinks that it is very important to keep your cardiovascular training, strength training, and nutrition levels high at all times. He will create a training program that involves cardiovascular training, strength training, and nutrition guidelines that you should follow. He will also advise you on taking supplements to increase your general health.

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As a Division II athlete Trevor knows what it takes to train and compete in athletics at the collegiate level. He will help in every aspect of training such as strength, cardiovascular, balance and nutrition. Trevor can help all athletes improve including:



- Golf





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